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Sea Cleaner Sea Cleaner

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Simple Gaming Experience

While this game isn't exactly boring, it isn't exactly entertaining either.

The game is simple, unchallenging and unrewarding.
I got a submarine after a few levels, but it didn't seem to change any of my stats, and the amount of trash and fish didn't seem to raise as I proceeded through levels.
The game is fairly good looking, but the gaming experience was dull.

I would suggest more variations in level surroundings and spawning objects. Something that makes the player feel the process. Maybe even divide the game levels into areas with a specific amount of levels for each area, so players have milestones to reach for, and knows when to expect additional challenge and new visual objects.
Also add a counter for the game levels, so people can keep track of how far they got, without having to keep count themselves.

I have to rate this game below average, because after the game ended and I was rewarded with a score, I didn't feel any drive to try and beat that score, or to max my own potential score. That's the least I expect from a game such as this.

Tank Commander Tank Commander

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Horrible Experience

The game mechanics are broken and the animations are dull, simple, and sometimes stolen from other artists. The whole gaming experience is weak, and even though the concept is good, it's not exactly original.

The Controls are poor; you don't stop turning when you stop pushing the button.
The Cannon spins around the back, instead of the center.
The Cannon Balls comes out of the top of the Tank, instead of the Turret.
The Cannon Balls have a gravity field bound to the Tank, rather than the stage!
The blood pools turn around inexplicably.
The difficulty of the game is poor, and once you get Medic Kits you are close to invulnerable. Why Medic Kits for a Tank in the first place?
A lot of interface objects have a simple gradient color, which looks rubbish.

Fix the above mentioned game mechanics, and go through some tutorials on flash animation to learn how to improve your game design.

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game4tress responds:

Drakkashi, There is nothing stolen in this game. Everything was made by me. That is a serious acusation.
About the game design, well because there was a serious change in the engine, i was short on time with the design. I won't be back to this game in the near future. At least with this concept. Although i have some good ideas for another game using the tank